KiwiSeng grows, produces and sells the best New Zealand wild-grown ginseng. We sell the highest quality ginseng products to high value overseas and domestic markets.

Our products are comparable to or superior to the highest quality wild ginseng. Backed by scientific research, our wild-grown Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) has been tested to have 100% more of the health-improving ginsenosides than the average of Asian ginseng from China and Korea.

Our certified organic ginseng plants are grown in one of the most pristine environments on earth. Pure, clean remote pine forests on mountain slopes and careful handling ensure healthy soils, healthy ginseng and healthy people.

We have an unbeatable combination of pristine growing environments, bio-active product, world-class processing, innovative products and marketing channels.

We supply a variety of natural and premium quality ginseng products to several countries. Our most popular wild ginseng (Asian/Korean/Chinese ginseng and American ginseng) products are whole roots, Red ginseng, Ginseng leaf tea, Ginseng Manuka honey, Ginseng lozenges, Ginseng extract, Ginseng capsules and Ginseng Wine. 

We also provide ginseng seed and ginseng seedling plants for anyone interested in growing quality ginseng in New Zealand. 

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