Whole American Ginseng Root (18+ Years Old)
  • New Zealand wild-grown 18+ year-old American ginseng. 

    • Premium wild grown
    • 100% natural
    • Rich in ginsenosides
    • Traditional Vitality Tonic


    Dedicated to the true ginseng enthusiast. Our whole dried American ginseng root is a premium quality ginseng product from New Zealand. 


     Our ginseng root contains high levels of bioactive ginsenosides.


    KiwiSeng ginseng is naturally grown in New Zealand forests with fresh air, pure spring water and fertile volcanic soil. It is hand-harvested and traditionally processed to preserve its key ingredients – ginsenosides, vitamins and minerals. 


    This ginseng is a truly exclusive gift with a limited quantities harvested each year. Ideal for those who appreciate the value and long esteemed history of ginseng.


    We can provide both Asian and American ginseng root from ages 15 to 20 years. 


    Suggested use in teas or as an additive in soups.

    Whole American Ginseng Root (18+ Years Old)