Ginseng Leaf Tea
    • 100% natural
    • Rich in ginsenosides
    • Traditional vitality tonic
    • Supports your body


    KiwiSeng ginseng tea is a 100% pure, wild grown ginseng without any use of fertilisers or pesticides. It is grown in New Zealand forests. Up to 25 leaves are hand picked from forest ginseng plants each year. The leaves are then traditionally processed to preserve their key ingredients. As a result, the flavour and fragrance is uniquely refreshing. 

    We can provide...
    - 100% pure wild ginseng leaf tea. 
    - Ginseng olong tea bags. 
    - Ginseng and  Manuka Leaf tea bags 

    - Fresh picked ginseng leaves (November to March - for NZ customers only). 

    Please contact us for availability. 



    Our wild simulated ginseng tea has three times the ginsenoside content found in ginseng roots. It is regarded as an ideal tonic for naturally supporting and maintaining a healthy body.

    Ginseng Leaf Tea