Ginseng Liqueur, Wine & Brandy

Enjoy the health benefits of ginseng in liqueur, wine or brandy. Available in limited quantities and perfect for the true ginseng connisseur. 


Ginseng Liqueur. Alc. 50%.
13+ year old ginseng is infused in liqueur for over two years. 

Ginseng Manuka Honey Liqueur. Alc. 30%.
13+ year old ginseng is infused in a Manuka Honey liqueur for a munimum of two years. 


Ginseng Brandy. (VSOP). Alc. 37.5%.
6+ year old American ginseng is infused in a French brandy and together they are aged for 12+ years. Extremely limited quantities are available. 


Please contact us for availability. 

Ginseng Liqueur, Wine & Brandy

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